About Brocktimville

Kickflips - we can't do one

we make websites…

Some people spend a lot of time learning to do awesome stunts on their skateboard. Not us though. We are crap at skateboarding. We spent all of our time learning to make websites that are rad as hell! So if you need someone to do a kickflip down some stairs, we probably aren’t the guys for the job. If you need an awesome website, well, that’s something we can do!

But we are also good at heaps of other stuff…

Yeah, we know we are good at making websites. But we are also good at a lot of other stuff as well. Like corporate branding, animation, custom programming, domain transfers, site upgrades & maintenance, illustration, growing sweet beards, design for print and screen, cooking BBQs and heaps of other things as well! If you have a project that includes anything like the activities above, you will probably want to get in touch with us. We are super nice guys. Remember Urkle? He’s our role model.

Sweet Beards

Monster Project?

Got a monster Project?
We can help!

Got a project that is as big as jaws? We can help! We are like the Roy Schneiders of web development! So when you start thinking “We’re gonna need a bigger boat!” we will be there with a bottle of propane and a shotgun ready to blow your project out of the water! Whether it be helping with some basic custom programming and/or design, or just some basic site maintenance to let you get back to working on the bigger stuff, we can help!

Meet the Team

Tim Haberfield
Michael Brockie

Tim Haberfield


Tim is a design genius. He’s been working in the print and web industries for the last 10 years.

He is an extremely creative individual without the silly hats and fancy latte’s that usually come with it.

Tim can build you a company image from the ground up, or work within your companies pre existing branding.

Tim takes care of all of our clients logo, website, brochure, and flyer designs, and has assisted several startup companies with their internal documentation and prospectus’ as well.

Michael Brockie


Brockie is the programmer. He played with lots of lego as a kid and loves to pull things apart to see how they work, and maybe even figure out how to put them back together – with no extra parts left over.

He studied Software Engineering at Monash University, and has a passion for all things web related. He’s spent the last 8 years working on websites and web related systems.

In general, whether you’re after some fancy functionality on your new website, or just calling up for some support, looking for assistance setting up a new email account, you’ll probably be talking to Brockie.

Tim & Brockie have known each other for nearly twenty years, and have a general feeling that they might actually have some kind of psychic powers. They are both very good at identifying  their clients needs & expectations, and are usually very much on the same page when deciding what’s for lunch at the office.

Apart from that, they’re just two good blokes who enjoy what they do and having a laugh while they do it.