Hosting Packages

Website & email hosting, whether you run your own server in your office, go through a third party, or with Brocktimville, is an unavoidable and recurring cost.

Brocktimville offer fast, reliable hosting and support for our clients. If you or your business already have your own hosting elsewhere, that’s fine, we’re not out to hassle you about it. Many of our customers come to us to build their sites after already having organised domains and hosting themselves.

What we like to do however, for those that ‘just want someone else to take care of it’, is to take care of it! We provide two very smart and simple hosting & support solutions for our customers, and should we find your business needs something different, as always, we can tailor a product to you.

Standard Hosting – $40 / month

When you purchase your hosting through Brocktimville, you are not just getting hosting. You get:

  • Solid, reliable hosting services
  • Up to 2 hours of unbilled support each month
  • Quarterly analytics reports

Hosting Plus – $60 / month

Brocktimvilles Hosting Plus packages gives you:

  • Everything in our standard hosting package
  • An extra hour of unbilled support each month
  • An extra hour of proactive website analysis & maintenance each month
  • Monthly analytic reports

What this all means:


We offer 2 months of free hosting to all customers who purchase their hosting accounts on a yearly subscription.

Unbilled Support

Unbilled support can include things like adding a new picture to your photo gallery, helping you set up some new email accounts, troubleshooting connections to your email from a new device etc.

Analytics Reports

Monthly and quarterly reports can:

  • help show how much and where your websites traffic is coming from – both physical & online locations
  • give you ideas on the times of the day your customers are looking at your website (good for email marketing, online advertising & social media)
  • tell you specifically how long visitors are spending on your website
  • give you a general idea of where your visitors are leaving your website from, giving you an idea of what is and isn’t working on your website

Proactive Analysis & Maintenance

As almost all of our customers use a CMS for their website, it is imperative to keep these up to date. Out of date websites can be insecure and if left for too long, can be attacked by hackers or ‘bots’. We ensure our clients CMS’ are built with the latest versions available, and maintain & take care of their updates to the next major version. ie. a website built in Joomla 3.x will be maintained until 4.0 is released. This is usually a year or more.

Other proactive maintenance is triggered by the monthly reporting our Hosting Plus customers receive. As an example, if we can see that a particular page is where a large majority of your visitors are leaving your website from, we will contact you about this and discuss changes that could be performed to keep your visitors engaged for longer.