Online Marketing Solutions

Coupling any or all of the below products are proven ways to finding and retaining new customers. When coupled with a proven SEO regime, online marketing is a fantastic alternative to marketing in the traditional media for a solid ROI.

We are all about empowering our customers here at Brocktimville. We can run all of your campaigns and profiles for you, that’s cool if you don’t want to worry about it internally. Otherwise we can set you you up, and then teach you & guide you on your way. You’ll spend a little bit of time & money early on while we guide you through the learning process, but once you know the ropes, you’ll make big savings taking care of your own online marketing.

Reaching Out to New Customers…

With Social Media

Social media is a fantastic place to interact with new and existing customers. But you have to do it right. Jumping into social media without a targeted plan can get you into strife quickly, and often just looks unprofessional. Brocktimville can set you up with your accounts, and help you plan engaging Facebook pages and interactive twitter profiles. Once these are in place, Brocktimville can manage your profiles for you, or we can just assist as needed. It’s your call.

With Google and Facebook Advertising

For a long time, Google advertising has been the jewel in the crown of online marketing. When researched and managed well, a Google Adwords campaign can give huge return on investment. Depending on your niche and your competition, you can run a successful campaign from as little as $10 – $15 per day.

Facebook is a more recent outlet in the online advertising arena, but certainly has as much, or more potential to provide some serious ROI. With the amount of information Facebook users provide the platform every day, we can very effectively advertise to your target market, and filter out non relevant viewers from seeing your advertising at all. This not only saves money, but also ensures the quality of those who actually see your adverts.

Again, Brocktimville can get you up and running and teach you the skills you need to take care of your advertising yourself, or we can manage your entire campaigns when & where you need them.

Retaining Existing Customers…

With Email Marketing

Consistent (weekly, monthly, or 3 monthly) email marketing is an excellent way to keep your customers informed about current and future products and specials, or general information regarding your companies movements and growth.

Brocktimville can:

  • Set you up with an email marketing system,
    • or work with your existing one
  • Integrate it into your existing systems/website
  • Create a brand associated newsletter template

From there, we can run your campaigns for you, or merely assist when you need a hand. You decide the regularity of your mailouts. Once there is a system in place:

  • We can put together your newsletter for each mailout, OR
  • we can take content you’ve provided and simply put it all together for you, OR
  • we can teach you how to do it yourself and save you some dollars

It’s all up to you and your level of comfort with the technology.