Website Packages

In todays business environment, you are expected to have an online presence. This expectation will only increase in the future.

The products and prices displayed below are, generally speaking, pricing guidelines. This is because inevitably, every website is a custom build. All of our products are built to effectively balance our clients needs and budgets. Although every website serves a core set of goals, many businesses have very different needs in terms of servicing their online clientele.

So if you want a single page website with an eCommerce solution attached, we can handle it; If you need some crazy and specific functionality you think is going to change the world, we can handle that too. We just need to know what you want & what you need, and we can work out a solution that keeps you happy, and our electricity bill paid!

The One Pager

from $400

The One Pager, also known as a ‘Landing Page‘, or simply a ‘Home Page‘, is a fast, cheap, & effective way to get yourself visible online. You get a single web page, designed for a single focused objective, specifically, to push clients to contact your business.

The One Pager gets you started with an online presence. It gives you a base from which to build from. We generally find it isn’t long after getting a landing page set up that our clients start to see the benefits of adding to their site. This is the purpose of The One Pager. You start small, and over time, as your budget and/or your needs change, The One Pager gives you the flexibility to switch things up as needed.

Your page is built to be suited to your company brand and profile, or if you don’t have any such items in place yet, we can get you on track to building one at the same time.

Get in touch today. We’re here to listen to your needs and work out the best solution for you and your business.

The Brochure Site

from $1800

The Brochure Site is the next step up from The One Pager. You get a medium sized website, generally 5 – 7 pages in size, that provides visitors to your site, everything they need to know about who your company is, what you do, why they should contact you, and how to do so.

This website would probably be considered a large Brochure Site if you don’t take our client dashboard and billing systems into consideration.

Get in touch today. We’re here to listen to your needs and work out the best solution for you and your business.

Complex Sites

from $3500

A complex site is generally a website roughly the same size or larger than a Brochure site, but with extra features & functionality. You might need some kind of calendar, specialised forms for taking online bookings, perhaps a photo / video gallery that’s more fancy than you’d find in a simple brochure website.

This website is a good example of a medium to large sized Complex Site. We have our regular marketing area for the public, but then we also have a complete billing, project management and customer relations system integrated into our client area as well.

Get in touch today. We’re here to listen to your needs and work out the best solution for you and your business.

eCommerce Sites

from $4000

An eCommerce Site is the perfect solution for the online retailer, or content provider.

For retailers

Customers are able to come to you, make an informed decision about your product and then purchase it. You or your dispatch team get an email, and your customer gets their item. You’ve cut out a large portion of the sales process, and have added another person to your ever growing list of happy customers.

For content providers

We can help you monetize your unique skill set. Are you a musician? Do you speak several languages? Maybe you’re a great writer or an incredible handyman?

Then you’re a content provider & we can build a subscription product customers can purchase daily/monthly/yearly etc. to gain access to your content. If you can create a series of videos or articles on a subject you’re knowledgeable in, we can help you sell your skills online.

The Custom Build

It’s up to you

A custom build can mean many things, and it’s hard to describe what you’re going to get because generally speaking, every business looking at this option needs something different. Typically, these types of sites are for customers who are looking for more technical requirements.

Larger businesses often need their existing accounting or database systems to talk to their website for example; when a purchase is made – notify the accounting software, or when a customer makes contact – notify the customer relations software.

Startups and smaller – medium sized businesses are generally more interested in some very specific functionality they wish to provide their customers or even their staff.

It could be anything! Just drop us a line. We’re here to listen to your needs and work out the best solution for you and your business.