Terms of Service

This following document sets forth the Terms of Service for Brocktimville customers.

Payment Terms

Quotations provided are valid for 14 days.

All projects over $1000 require a 50% deposit.

All projects under $1000 require full payment before work commences, unless other arrangements are made and agreed upon by both Brocktimville and the client.

Full payment must be received before any website goes live, or graphic design is handed over.

All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars and are exclusive of GST unless otherwise specified.

An invoice is deemed to be outstanding if the payment is still due 14 days after the expiry of the due date.

All outstanding invoices incur a late payment fee of 5%. For recurring invoices, this fee will be added to the next billing cycle. For standalone invoices, a secondary invoice may be generated as necessary.

Brocktimville reserve the right to switch offline any website that has invoices 28 days past the due date.

Quoted Completion and Delivery Times

Brocktimville will make all possible effort to ensure completion of work is made in the time frame initially quoted upon, however, all times quoted may only ever be considered an estimate and as such, Brocktimville cannot always guarantee the delivery or completion time of any particular project.

Website Development

Brocktimville acknowledge that minor adjustments to a completed web product may at times be necessary. These adjustments must be requested within 28 days of the websites final deposit (the ‘go live’ date) or Brocktimville may, at its discretion, deem it necessary to generate a new invoice or quotation for the work.

If the client requests a feature addition or change beyond the initial scope of the agreed upon project, either during or after the projects development, Brocktimville reserve the right to re-quote the entire project, or abstain from addressing the request until the initially agreed upon work is complete.


Brocktimville will take reasonable technical and organisational precautions to prevent the loss, alteration or misuse of data stored on our secure servers, however, no guarantee is provided against such incidents.

Brocktimville perform monthly backups of customer accounts, but also encourage our customers to do the same. Should customer data become damaged, corrupted or otherwise altered, Brocktimville is not responsible for data lost between the date of last backup and the date the incident is noted.

Brocktimville is only responsible for a single backup of a customers hosted data at any one time. Should a customer wish to retain a backup for a longer period, they should contact Brocktimville to arrange such a procedure.

Websites and all content hosted by Brocktimville, for its customers, should at all times adhere to our providers Acceptable Use Policy.

Changes to this Terms of Service

Brocktimville reserves the right to make amendments to this Terms of Service at any time.